A Review on Penis Enlargement Bible

The Penis Enlargement Bible is a book written by author John Collins and it solely focuses on sex related issues for men. The book is divided into several sections with topics ranging from tips on how to easily and effectively increase the length and girth of your penis, exercises to have in order to fight premature ejaculations, the diet to take in order to increase the volume of your ejaculations, how to tackle different penis deformities and how to improve a man’s overall sexual health. All these content has been written in a book not exceeding a hundred pages.

The Method.

The method outlined consists of two basic principles. First, you are required to increase the amount of biochemicals your body takes as they are vital in promoting the body’s natural growth. These biochemicals, according to the author, are responsible for the production of male sex hormones such as testosterone.

The second method involves body exercises which the author claims are helpful in increasing the growth of the penis. This section also outlines exercises which a man can practice to avoid premature ejaculations and unhealthy prostate enlargement/cancer. Such exercises include four advanced jelqing and three advanced stretching exercises.

On the very last pages, the author lists a number of Chinese supplements and herbs that he claims are very helpful in enhancing male sexual performance. This is then accompanied by several reference tables that explain dosage of these supplements and herbs.


-For those who love herbs and supplements, the Penis Enlargement Bible http://www.penisenlargementbibleprogram.com outlines a thorough guideline on how to use them.

-The stretching and jelqing exercises are well explained making it easier to follow.

-Most of the supplements listed have been confirmed by research to truly help in improving male libido and penis enlargement.

-The book has a money-back guarantee of sixty days. If you are not satisfied by the results within this period, you are eligible for a refund.


-A number of the recommended supplements pose some serious risks and side effects to users such as priapism (long lasting and painful erections).

-The results are permanent and should they turn the way you did not expect or intend, you are forced to live with the results for the entirety of your life.

-The visual lay out of the book has left much to be desired.

Final Verdict.

According to the reviews and the feedback left on the book’s official website and on Amazon.com, it is evident that the book delivers good results. More than 5000 copies of the book have been sold and according to a latest survey, 95% of users were satisfied.